Try this instead of oysters: Garlic chives are a natural way to increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction

Food doesn’t just affect your physical health, it can influence your sexual health as well. Oysters, walnuts, and strawberries are just a few foods believed to improve the libido. There are several more out there that aren’t as well-known but are no less effective, and garlic chives are one of them.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have long utilized this herb to solve problems in the bedroom. On top of boosting the libido, garlic chives are also used to treat erectile dysfunction. Those applications and the herb’s reputation is well-deserved, according to a study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

As part of the study, the researchers used male and female Wistar rats, with the male rats being separated into six groups. Every day for 45 days, the male rat groups were given different substances. One group was given access to water, another was given Viagra and acted as the control group, while the remaining four groups were allotted varying doses of garlic chive extract.

Sexual behavior tests were carried out on the 15th, 30th, and 45th days. The tests involved exposure to sexually receptive female rats, and included parameters such as intromission latency (time between insertion) and mount latency (time between mounting).

When analyzing the results of these tests, the researchers noted that all doses of garlic chive extract reduced intromission latency and mount latency. At the same time, parameters such as ejaculation frequency and intromission frequency went up by a noticeable margin. Moreover, the highest dose of garlic chive extract (200 microgram/mL) was observed relaxing the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle by as much as 68.9 percent. When relaxed, the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle allows blood to flow and remain in the penis, a necessity for achieving an erection.

As for what gives garlic chives such a potent effect, the answer lies in its steroidal saponins and nucelosides. The researchers explained that these compounds may have a stimulatory effect on testosterone levels; with elevated testosterone comes enhanced sexual performance. Furthermore, earlier studies have suggested that saponins are capable of binding with the enzymes that are crucial to the synthesis of testosterone. (Related: If You are Having Low Libido, Here are Natural and Effective Ways to Revive Low Testosterone Levels.)

Based on the results, the research team concluded that garlic chives have potential as an aphrodisiac. And if that sounds good to you, then you’re in luck. Garlic chives, also known as Asian chives, Oriental garlic, or Chinese leek, are easy to incorporate into just about any diet.

They’ve been described as having a “delicate garlic flavor,” meaning they’re a great choice of garnishing for those who find garlic and onion too overwhelming. Use them as you would regular chives by sprinkling them into soups, salad dressings, and all manner of Asian-inspired dishes. Garlic chives also pair well with cheeses and eggs, and can bring a good amount of flavor to herb-infused butter. Some people have even eaten garlic chives as deep-fried tempura. The options are endless. Just keep in mind that the flavor of garlic chives intensifies the longer their storage period.

However you choose to enjoy garlic chives, you’re certain to get something out of this unusual aphrodisiac.

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